October 27, 2009

Artist Spotlight :: Ashley Goldberg

From time to time, I'd like to spotlight an up-and-coming artist. Because really, no home is complete without some life on the walls, right?

Ashley Goldberg is an artist from Portland, OR. According to Ashley, her artwork is "simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette." I am drawn to her mix of ink sketches and bright colors.

Here are some samples of her work:
She also does custom portraits! They're pretty fabulous and I would love to have one someday. See below...

Colorful accents are one of the keys to fabulous mid-century and modern homes.
To read more about Ashley's story and inspiration, and to see more of her work, visit her website: Ashley G & Drew!

October 26, 2009

Design on a Dime...

Being a lover of design becomes complicated when living on a tight budget. While most modern designs and great vintage pieces will cost you a pretty penny, there is a solution...and no, I don't mean Ikea.

The solution is in the vocabulary.
I refer to myself not as a shopper, but as a treasure hunter.

Forget big retailers and expensive antique stores (unless you find a deal!)....start searching thrift stores, estate sales, Craigslist, flea markets and the Pennysaver. You'll be amazed at the treasures you can find at affordable prices!

I've been searching for a simple mid-century dresser for a few years. About a month ago, I saw this little guy sitting outside an antique store with the shocking sticker price of $55! I couldn't believe it. It was meant to be. Now he's at home in my bedroom adorned with my beloved flea market owl bank and my estate sale glass bowl (okay...along with a couple of Ikea finds, I admit it!)

I love this little guy...However, my favorite find of all time was my late 60's/early 70's Philco console stereo. I found it at an estate sale at the discounted price of $75! I love it and the sound of vinyl in my living room! (Perhaps I will share those pictures another time, along with some of my other great finds!)

There is something so satisfying about taking your time to collect wonderful pieces over the years. It's so much better than simply running to the store and ending up with the same thing everyone else has! And, as they say, the journey is the best part!

Treasure hunting can not only save you money, but it will fill your house with unique pieces that each have their own story...stories you'll be telling for years.

Happy hunting!

October 24, 2009

Reclaiming Baby's Room...

Due to the increasing number of my friends who are pregnant and/or new moms, I've decided to take a look at design when it comes to making a home for baby.

While the rest of the house evolves into modernity, nurseries seem to remain stuck in the past.

We've all walked into cliche nurseries that look like this...
...leaving us practically choking on pink ruffles and fluff!

People desperately want to find out the sex of their baby early to avoid the dreaded "gender-neutral" baby room. Green? Yellow? Orange? *Gasp* How awful!

Let's expand our horizons, people! It's possible to bring baby up in style without resorting to pink and blue extremes! Besides, can all that baby pink and sky blue really be good for a newborn's brain??

Let's give warmer tones a second look, shall we?

GREEN: Here are a few ideas that bring "the nursery" into the modern age...babies can be cool too! Complete with Eames Elephant and Rocking Chair, this room incorporates modern, clean-lined baby furniture that actually looks good!
green nursery

ORANGE: For those mid-century fans, like myself, here's a room that features vintage finds in the style of yesteryear. There's no reason baby's furniture can't include estate sale treasures re-purposed as dressers, changing tables and toy boxes!
orange nursery
I'd be one happy baby if I got to hang out in there...

Lastly...during my search I discovered a slew of fabulous modern mobiles, and I just have to share a few of them with you...


So, really, there's no excuse for boring baby rooms. Bright colors are not only important for baby's development, but also for their sense of style (and mom's)!

Happy nesting, modern mamas!

October 21, 2009

To Plant and Watch Grow

The reluctant neglect of this blog has unfortunately been due to the increased hours I am lending to my new-ish job at SEED: People's Market.

While I do have a new blog post that will appear in the next few days, for now I want to simply share with you that SEED is finally making itself known to the world with its official web-launch and Grand Opening this weekend!

Please feel free to check out the website:

SEED: People's Market

and stop by the store this weekend for the Grand Opening!

Trust me, it's a great one-stop shop to begin tackling your Christmas gift list...whether you need candles and cards to Patagonia snow jackets and anything in between.

Our hours this weekend are:
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 7pm
(I only work Sunday.)

See you there!