December 27, 2009

Longing for Brasilia

Over the years of vintage treasure-hunting, I have discovered and rediscovered a particular design that never fails to induce in me a serious case of furniture lust. I could walk into a room crowded with vintage pieces and this design would never fail to catch my eye.

Only recently did I discover exactly what it is and where it comes from...

The Brasilia line by Broyhill Furniture:
Created in 1962 to mimic architecture in the capital city of Brasil. Much of Brasilia (the city) was designed between 1956 and 1960 by Oscar Niemeyer. The most noteable characteristics of his architecture are the hyperboloid structures and clean, simple, modern lines. This is illustrated in the design of the Palacio de Alvorado and the Cathedral of Brasilia, shown below.

Broyhill was inspired by Niemeyer's city and manufactured these pieces throughout the 1960's. Here are a few more:

To see the rest of the line, click here to see Broyhill's original brochure.

The Brasilia line is well-made and has stood the test of time. Owners of these pieces must surely be proud of their fabulous finds!

I am definitely a fan...
I am also definitely kicking myself for not purchasing the Brasilia headboard I recently saw at an estate sale. (I blame my common sense for reminding me that I do not own a double bed!)

One day...