October 27, 2011

The Backyard!

Okay, so...a backyard is a backyard. We're renting our house, so I don't have the option of any major transformations, but our backyard has definitely become our favorite part of the house and feels like home.

Here's what it looked like the day we moved in...

Since then, we've added two handcrafted adirondack chairs (made by my talented father-in-law) and a fabulous fire pit made by our talented friend, Mr Eric Trine. Believe it or not, the fire pit is a reclaimed washing machine drum!  

You should see the way that thing flickers and glows with a fire in it! It reminds me of the Lite Brite I played with as a kid!

And lastly, we added lots of candles around the yard and strung lights across to really make it feel like an outdoor room. The only thing we'd love to add is a picnic table or patio table so we can eat outside!

We love spending time out here with our friends and family.

Anyone down for a s'more? We're getting quite good at making them!



Lina Fox said...

You have such a beautiful home! I love your fire pit. It is SO COOL. :D

chameleonathome said...

I love your backyard! The fire pit is ingenious. I am totally going to tackle that.

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