October 6, 2011

The Room In Which We Live

As we go from room to room, I will share with you my treasures, as well as tell you the projects I'm hoping to do and the changes I'm hoping to make.

So, let's start with the living room...

I was a little bummed when we moved in because I wasn't able to set the living room facing the direction I wanted. (Blame the tv antenna...)

I had to get creative and it's definitely a work in progress...but here's where we are at!

This is my favorite corner...

This is what I like to call my little vignette.
- My beloved avocado vintage chair (rescued from a to-be-trashed pile at my old office).
- Needlepoint...one from grandma, one thrifted.
- Vintage nightstand and fab vintage pendant lamp from my friends, the Trines.
- DIY pillow with vintage fabric.
- Vintage clock from grandma.
- Sunset magazine (the only magazine I eagerly watch the mail for).

Changes to make: Curtains. Plain white = boring. We need some texture and pattern in the room.

Next: Found this awesome mid-century chair at work, shoved in a closet. Bought it from our owner for $25! Beats $300 on Craigslist! It needs some TLC...perhaps refinishing, new foam and definitely new fabric. Preferably not green...one can only have so many green chairs!

Next: These fab bookshelves were made by the talented Mr Eric Trine and given to us as a wedding gift. (Yeah, they are nice friends and yes, I get lots of fun goodies from them.) They are filled with vintage treasures, including a few of my grandpa's cameras. I spent two full days rearranging them, and I'm still not sure I'm done...but here they are...

Other views of the living room:

Changes to make:
- Our next big purchase will hopefully be a new couch to replace my hubby's bachelor couch. And yes, it is also green! (Which will change!)
- We really need a rug in the living room...the trouble is that rugs are expensive and cool ones are hard to find! It will probably require some flea market scouring.
- We would love to get a proper coffee table so we can use our bench as a bench! (Novel idea.)

So, there you go. Room 1!

Stay tuned for more rooms and more projects to come!

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