October 2, 2011

A Succulent DIY Project

We have finally settled in to the new house (pictures to come) and now it's time for some projects!!

We love our quaint front patio, but I wanted to jazz it up with some greenery.

I was given this amazing plant stand by my dear friends, The Trines, when they moved to Portland. They bought it at the flea market and guess that it once belonged to a florist shop.

There are succulents planted all around our house (nice and low maintenance) so I decided to continue the theme and fill the pots with a variety of them.

The great (and cheap!) thing about succulents is that you can take clippings from an established plant, stick them in some dirt, and they will grow! I only used clippings from my yard...this was a completely free project!!

Just break off a piece from the plant, strip enough of the bottom to leave 1-2 inches of bare stem, insert it in the dirt, pack the dirt around it, and water! Simple as that!

The other great thing about succulents is that you can arrange them into miniature gardens in the same container, combining different varieties. The result is awesome!

Here's how my plant stand looks now...

Not bad for a free project! We are definitely enjoying the improved view from our front window!

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